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September 30, 2015

Robert Reich

 "Reich" by United States Department of Labor - Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

 "Dts news bill gates wikipedia" by Licensed under Attribution via Commons.

 "Thomas Piketty 2015" by Gobierno de Chile. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons.

Robert Reich

Bill Gates

Thomas Piketty

America's social consciousness. The former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration knows everything about the worsening social and economic conditions of America's middle class.

Super-rich, smart and social-minded. Has intellectual horizon that reaches beyond 150m yachts or hedge funds. His foundations has saved lives in poor countries and improved our world.

Academic, who collected much evidence illustrating the ongoing concentration of wealth - and compiled it into a most influential (but totally boring-to-read) bestseller.


Niall Ferguson Paul Krugman

 "World Debate - Niall Ferguson crop" IMF Staff Photo/Stephen Jaffe Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

 "Paul Krugman-press conference Dec 07th, 2008-8" by Prolineserver (talk) - Own work. Licensed under GFDL 1.2 via Commons.


Niall Ferguson

Paul Krugman

Meghan O'Sullivan

Conservative historian from Harvard and prolific author. Vocal critic of President Barack Obama. Well hated by liberals. Nostalgic admirer of the British Empire.

Nobel-price winning economist and liberal op-ed columnist for the New York Times. Pompous intellectual who seems to believe he surely is the smartest person on earth.

Jeane Kirkpatrick Professor of the Practice of International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School and former deputy national security adviser on Iraq and Afghanistan.


Edward Snowden
  "Richard Dawkins Cooper Union Shankbone" by David Shankbone - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons.   Edward Snowden-2" by Laura Poitras / Praxis Films. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

Lawrence Summers

Richard Dwakins

Edward Snowden

American economist. He is President Emeritus and Professor of Harvard University. Was Chief Economist at the World Bank and worked for the Clinton administration. Stumbled over his belief that women, at the high end, are not as smart as men.

A British ethnologist, evolutionary biologist and agitator. He was University of Oxford's Professor for Public Understanding of Science. Dawkins is a noted atheist and is known for his criticism of creationism and intelligent design.

Leaked classified information from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) which shows that the US intelligence community is conducting mass surveillance of US citizens and people in many other countries around the world. For some he is a "traitor", for others an "eye opener".


Henry Kissinger Samuel P. Huntington Mark Zuckerberg
"Henry Kissinger Shankbone Metropolitan Opera 2009" by David Shankbone - David Shankbone. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons.  "Samuel P. Huntington (2004 World Economic Forum)" by Copyright World Economic Forum (, by Photo by Peter Lauth - Samuel P. Huntington - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2004. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons.  "Mark Zuckerberg at the 37th G8 Summit in Deauville 018 v1" by Guillaume Paumier - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

Henry Kissinger

Samuel Huntington

Mark Zuckerberg

The former US Secretary of State played a prominent role in US foreign policy between 1969 and 1977. He orchestrated the opening of relations between the US and the People's Republic of China. US foreign affair's most strategic thinker (together with Zbigniew Brzezinski) and ruthless "Über-diplomat".

Was director of Harvard's Center for International Affairs and the Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor. He served as the White House Coordinator of Security Planning for the National Security Council under the Carter administration. Since 9/11, his 1993 theory on the "Clash of Civilizations" may be seen as prophetic.

Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Facebook. One of the wealthiest people on earth. While able to write computer code, he is not your typical "geek-klutz", but a smart businessman. Believes that Facebook is not a waste of time because it facilitates social engagement. Perhaps - but primarily it generates profits by exploiting users' private data.


Advertisement: Smart and controversial books from

Killing Reagan Elon Musk Presidents Club

Bill O'Reilly (2015)
Killing Reagan: The Violent Assault That Changed a Presidency. Henry Holt

Ashlee Vance (2015) Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future. Ecco

Nancy Gibbs (2012)
The Presidents Club: Inside the World's Most Exclusive Fraternity. Simon & Schuster

In Association with

Naomi Klein    
 "Naomi Klein Warsaw Nov. 19 2008 Fot Mariusz Kubik 02" by Mariusz Kubik, - Own work, Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons.    

Naomi Klein


Canadian author, social activist, and filmmaker known for her political analyses and criticism of corporate globalization and of corporate capitalism. Believes that the hegemony of neoliberal market fundamentalism is blocking any serious reforms to halt climate change and protect the environment.




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Updated: 18 March 2015