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What is is a web portal that provides a catalog of links to first-class news on the Internet.

It has links to hundreds of high-quality newspapers, TV news channels, news agencies, news radio stations and specialized news websites. In particular, the site provides links to political news, economic news, science news technology news environ-mental news, and military news. 

Special attention was given to provide links to news outlets of various political, cultural and religious orientation. I have tried to cover the whole range of political orientations and ideologies. Also, links are included to news sites from as many parts of the world as possible. Unfortunately, some countries and world regions have very few English-language news outlets.


Who has created this website?

Gerhard K. Heilig

This website was developed and is updated by
Gerhard K. Heilig



3004 Riederberg, Austria



Please also visit my other websites: - My personal website. - Links to high-quality data and statistics on the Internet. - Global demographic trends explained. - Facts and figures on China.

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Updated: 18 March 2015